eyevip: Event Marketing

Unerring Event Marketing

Increase the attention to your event with the right tools.

The Right Target Group at Your Event

Group guests according to your criteria, assign priorities and import the desired target groups directly into your guest list. With our tools you can optimize your targeting from one event to another.

Event Marketing Made Easy

Draw the attention of potential guests to your event. With just a few clicks you can publish events on your website, intranet or on various social media platforms.

Wertvolle Insights zu Gästen und Events

Events generieren hochwertige Daten. Frage gezielt Informationen mit dem Formular ab und erhalte Übersicht über Gäste-Status sowie Shows und No-Shows. Mit eyevip generierst Du wertvolle Insights über Events und Gäste und erkennst schnell Optimierungspotential.

Valuable Guest & Event Insights

Events generate a plethora of data. Thanks to our form, you can request specifics and get an overview of guest status’ as well as shows and no-shows. The valuable insights generated with eyevip enables you to quickly recognize potential for optimization.

Long Lasting Memories

A picture often says more than 1000 words. Thanks to our picture gallery you can make the most beautiful moments of your event accessible to your guests long after it is over. Your event will be become unforgettable.

Is data protection causing you headache?

eyevip makes compliance with the strictest privacy policies a breeze. Simply insert your privacy policy directly into the registration form, allow opt-out and even export guest information when requested.

About Infrastructure & Security

Want to optimize the use of the information gathered on eyevip?

We connect eyevip directly to your CRM. Information will be automatically merged. Leads are generated and events are evaluated. You get a complete picture of your event and your guests.

With eyevip we’re able to work super flexibly!

Whether we are organizing events, competitions or surveys, eyevip has the communication tools that support us in our day to day.

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