eyevip: Event Communication

Professional event communication for your guests

Event Websites and Invitations in Your Corporate Design

Mercedes Template Allianz Cinema Template Red Bull Template
Mercedes Template Allianz Cinema Template Red Bull Template

Flexible Landing Pages and Event Invitations

With the editor you can adapt the event communication for each event to your needs, while responsive design enables optimized templates for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Personalized Event Communication

The integrated multilingualism ensures that your guests are always addressed in both the right language and the right manner (formal/informal). A personal approach and a flexible sender-management round off your event communication.

Your Emails, Delivered Reliably

Our optimized email delivery ensures that your event communication always reaches your guests and doesn’t end up in spam. Our mail servers have a sender reputation of 100%. Your event communication reaches your guests even better with an SMTP connector.

Secure Handling of Communication

Role & Rights Management enables you to decide who is allowed to edit any event communication. Now, even copywriters and translators can be involved in the process without having to disclose sensitive data.

How about something uniquely you?

Our design-team can also provide individual templates – whether you’re looking to surprise, stand-out, or you’re looking for something a bit more classic – we can certainly do it in your corporate design.

Our custom template can be used for every scenario and looks amazing!

Every event is unique and yet still according to our corporate design. The event communication in eyevip is very simple and easy to set up – simple and effective.

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